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A black background with the text "GOOD NIGHT, FRIEND. I HOPE YOUR NIGHT IS FULL OF HAPPINESS." written in white, cursive letters. The text is centered in the image, and there is a small, white heart to the right of it.
A serene night sky with twinkling stars and a crescent moon. Text overlay reads Good Night Quotes
A close-up photo of two hands holding each other goodnight. The hands are in the foreground, and a blurred night sky is in the background
A crescent moon and red flowers in a night sky, with the text Good Night sweet dream below it.
A cartoon person wearing a nightcap is lying in bed, reading a book. A crescent moon and stars hang in the sky outside the window. The text "Good night, friend!" is bubbled above the cartoon person's head.
A hand-written note that says Good Night! followed by the message Sweet dreams to my new friend! Grateful for the moments we've shared and looking forward to many more
A group of people sitting around a campfire at night, with the text Good Night, Sweet Dreams & Take care above them
A black cat sleeping in a yellow cup, with the text Good Night My Lovely Friends! above it
A cat and a baby sleeping soundly next to each other on a bed, with the text Good night! in the foreground
A dark blue sign with white text that says GOOD NIGHT at the top, followed by may your night be as amazing as our bond in smaller letters, and Good night, chosen ones! at the bottom
A brightly lit lantern with flowers inside, sitting on a wooden table. The lantern is casting a warm glow on the surrounding area. The text Good night, friend is written on the lantern
A digital image of the words Good Night in white on a black background. The words are written in a large, bold font, with a soft glow around them
An enchanting night sky filled with stars, a crescent moon, and friends bidding each other a peaceful and loving 'good night
A dark blue background with white text that reads Good Night, friend, Have a nice dream and man sitting on the house