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Celebrate birthdays in style with Pictorzo, the ultimate hub for animated happy birthday cartoon images. Our collection includes cute happy birthday cartoon images, funny birthday cartoons, and even birthday animation images that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Explore our extensive library featuring everything from happy birthday cake images to hilarious birthday cartoon card images. Whether you’re searching for the perfect birthday banner cartoon images or adorable happy birthday images in cartoon form, Pictorzo has you covered. Download HD happy birthday cartoon images for free and make every birthday extra special with our delightful and diverse collection. Join us in spreading joy with our fantastic range of cartoon birthday images – because birthdays should always be filled with laughter and cheer!

A cheerful Yogi Bear holding a birthday cake decorated with a single lit candle in a gift box with blue wrapping paper and a yellow ribbon, against a light blue background. The text "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" is written in yellow letters above the cake.
A jubilant Goofy, a cartoon character from Walt Disney, stands beside a giant cupcake decorated with a Happy Birthday sign. He is wearing a festive party hat and has a big smile on his face
A colorful Happy Birthday card featuring a group of adorable cartoon animals gathered around a grassy park. A cheerful giraffe holds a green banner with the words "Happy Birthday" written in white letters. Other animals, including a playful elephant, a bashful zebra, and a curious monkey, wear festive party hats and add to the joyous atmosphere.
Two cuddly teddy bears, one brown and one cream, sit atop a two-tiered birthday cake decorated with pink frosting, sprinkles, and a single lit candle. A cluster of pink, blue, and yellow balloons floats behind them. The bears each wear party hats, and the cream bear holds a slice of cake.
A playful scene from the iconic cartoon Tom and Jerry, featuring Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse celebrating a birthday. Tom holds a brightly colored birthday cake with lit candles, while Jer
A cheerful Mickey Mouse holding a birthday cake with lit candles, against a blue background
A close-up photo of a birthday card with four cartoon cats sitting on top of a two-tiered cake decorated with pink frosting, sprinkles, and six lit candles. multiple balloons with white polka dots float above the cake. The background is white.
A festive cartoon birthday scene featuring Chhota Bheem, with colorful balloons, fireworks, and the text Happy Birthday in the background
A vibrant neon sign showcasing a jubilant cartoon mouse, Jerry from the Tom and Jerry series, gleefully clutching a slice of birthday cake adorned with a single lit candle. The backdrop is a textured brick wall.
A cheerful cartoon bear wearing a party hat sits beside a fluffy bunny, both holding paws over a large cupcake decorated with a single lit candle. A banner reading "Happy Birthday!" floats above them against a background of pastel balloons and confetti.
A festive cartoon birthday party with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Mickey and Minnie are seated at a table decorated with a Happy Birthday balloons images, while Donald and Goofy stand behind them holding presents. A three-tiered birthday cake with candles sits in the center of the table.
A group of adorable Minions wearing party hats and holding up a cheerful Happy Birthday sign, with a playful pile of presents and balloons adding to the festive atmosphere
The beloved cartoon character Mickey Mouse beams with joy as he holds a delicious birthday cake adorned with colorful candles and presents wrapped in bright ribbons. A vibrant blue background
An adorable cartoon tabby cat with big green eyes and a mischievous grin clutches a frosted cupcake topped with a single lit candle. The background is a soft peach color with the text 'Happy Birthday' written in a playful font.