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Collection of Happy Lohri Punjabi Images and Heartfelt Wishes in Punjabi Language!

Celebrate the joyous occasion of Lohri with vibrant and heartwarming Punjabi wishes! Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with our exquisite collection of Lohri images in Punjabi. As the bonfire crackles and the air fills with laughter, share the happiness by sending heartfelt greetings in Punjabi to your loved ones. Our carefully crafted happy Lohri Punjabi images capture the essence of the festival, blending tradition and festivity seamlessly. Let the warmth of Punjabi language Lohri wishes to resonate as you share these delightful images, spreading the cheer of the Punjabi Lohri festival. Wishing you and your dear ones a joyous and prosperous Lohri filled with love, laughter, and abundant blessings. Happy Lohri!

A close-up photo of a greeting card for Lohri, a Punjabi festival celebrating the harvest and the arrival of spring. The card features traditional Lohri symbols, including a bonfire, a dhol drum, and wheat stalks
A photorealistic illustration of a traditional Lohri bonfire, with flames glowing in the center and sugarcane stalks, peanuts, and rewari (a sweet made from sesame seeds and jaggery) scattered around the base. A dhol (a Punjabi drum) sits in the foreground, and the text "Happy Lohri" is written in a decorative Punjabi font above the scene.
A photorealistic illustration of a Lohri bonfire with the text LOHRI..! HAPPY in Punjabi
A vibrant poster celebrating Lohri, the Punjabi harvest festival. The poster features a colorful dhol drum, a bonfire blazing with flames, and a kite soaring high in the night sky. Text in Punjabi reads "Dhol Di Taal, Bhangra Di Chaal, Lohri Di Raat, Khushiyan Da Haal," which translates to "The beat of the dhol, the rhythm of Bhangra, Lohri night, a time of joy." Below the text, smaller Punjabi text conveys well wishes for a happy Lohri and blessings for elders and children.
A photorealistic illustration of a Lohri festival banner. The banner features a vibrant orange background with a large yellow bonfire in the center. Above the bonfire is the text "HAPPY LOHRI" written in white Gurmukhi letters. Around the bonfire are sugarcane stalks, traditional Punjabi drums, and other Lohri symbols
A photorealistic greeting card with a burning bonfire in the center and sugarcane stalks arranged around it. Text in the center of the card reads "Happy Lohri" in yellow lettering, with smaller text below that reads "Warmest greetings and hugs to you and your family on the glorious occasion of Lohri.
A traditional Lohri greeting card with a festive background in white. In the center of the card is a large earthen pot (dhol) decorated with colorful patterns and ribbons. A bonfire is lit inside the pot, symbolizing the burning of the old year's evils and the welcoming of the new year. Above the pot is the text "Happy Lohri" written in Punjabi. On either side of the pot are sugarcane stalks, another symbol of Lohri
A woman in a vibrant yellow salwar kameez dances joyfully in front of a crackling bonfire. Text in the foreground reads "HAPPY LOHRI!" Smoke from the fire drifts upwards, casting an orange glow on the scene. The image captures the exuberance and festivity of Lohri, a Punjabi harvest festival celebrated in 13 January.
A traditional Lohri greeting card depicting a bonfire adorned with sugarcane stalks and vibrant hues. The text Happy Lohri is written in a flowing script, conveying the warmth and joy of the festival.
A photorealistic image depicting a vibrant Lohri celebration. In the foreground, a dhoti-clad man energetically beats a dhol drum under the warm glow of a crackling bonfire. The flames illuminate his face, casting flickering shadows on the surrounding sugarcane stalks. Behind him, a group of people, dressed in traditional Punjabi attire, dance and sing around the fire, their silhouettes swaying against the starlit sky. The joyous scene is further enhanced by the vibrant orange hues of the flames and the celebratory text "HAPPY LOHRI" in Gurmukhi script.
A festive banner for the Punjabi harvest festival Lohri, featuring traditional Lohri items such as sugarcane, peanuts, rewari (a sweet made from sesame seeds and jaggery), and a dhol (a Punjabi drum). The text "Happy Lohri" is written in a decorative Punjabi font.
A vibrantly colored illustration of a traditional dhol drum, sugarcane stalks, and sheaves of wheat arranged artistically against a pink background. The text Happy Lohri is written in a stylized Punjabi font above
A photorealistic image of a Lohri bonfire with a man playing a dhol drum. Text in the Punjabi language says Happy Lohri at the top of the image, and a poem in Punjabi about Lohri is written below the image.
A Punjabi couple dressed in traditional clothing dances energetically in front of a large bonfire under a starry night sky. They are surrounded by revelers who are also celebrating Lohri, a Punjabi festival that marks the end of winter. The text Happy Lohri is written in Gurmukhi script above the scene